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Subject 34

Published on Short Fiction Break in July 2017, Subject 34 is a story about what would happen if United States presidents were brought back to life.

Subject 34 was the Grand Prize winner in Short Fiction Break's Summer Writing Contest.


Old Media: The Comeback Kid

"My childhood can be summed up in two sounds: the theme songs of our Saturday morning cartoons, and the screech of our dial-up internet."


Claiming the Pen: Women's Authorship

"As a female writer who grew up in the South, I found myself immediately drawn to Catherine Kerrison’s Claiming the Pen: Women and Intellectual Life in the Early American South."


For my final project at The Iron Yard, I created an interactive game for students to teach them how to code.

I hope to continue to improve the game and one day try to publish it online.


The Rhetorical Situation

"Ethos, Pathos, and Logos walk into a bar."



Self-Publishing vs Quality Content

"The struggles of getting published  are, in most ways, a thing of the past. The rise of the internet has drastically shifted the publishing industry."