Jacklyn Lee

Hello! My name is Jacklyn. I am a technical writer with experience in both creative and professional writing and web development.


About Jacklyn

Jacklyn Carroll is a twenty-five-year-old writer from the South. She has a degree in English and currently works as a technical writer, writing documentation by day and fiction by night. Jacklyn is also passionate about technology and worked as a web developer for a few years after attending The Iron Yard, a 12-week coding boot camp.

She is excited to be starting graduate school in the Fall to pursue a master's degree in Professional and Technical Writing. When she isn't writing, Jacklyn enjoys watching movies, listening to K-pop or hanging out with her cat, Dolly.


Technical writer with a passion for writing, editing and technology. Knowledge in front-end and back-end web development with a focus in Laravel, a PHP-based framework. Experience in writing both creative and professional documents as well as professional editing.


Technical Writer
Mar 2017 to present
Responsible for the design, creation, maintenance and publication of all software product documentation.

Web Developer
Oct 2015 - Feb 2017
Developed and maintained secure web applications using object-oriented programming, front-end development and database management.

Front End Engineering Student
Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
Participated in a comprehensive 12-week course learning HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and more. Developed 'CatCode', a game teaching the fundamentals of coding, using Ember.js.


M.A. Technical Writing
University of Arkansas
Fall 2017 - Current

B.A. English
University of Memphis
Fall 2009 to Fall 2013


Creative Writing


Laravel, PHP

Technical Writing

Professional Editing




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Subject 34

Published on Short Fiction Break in July 2017, Subject 34 is a story about what would happen if United States presidents were brought back to life.

Subject 34 was the Grand Prize winner in Short Fiction Break's Summer Writing Contest.


Old Media: The Comeback Kid

"My childhood can be summed up in two sounds: the theme songs of our Saturday morning cartoons, and the screech of our dial-up internet."


For my final project at The Iron Yard, I created an interactive game for students to teach them how to code.

I hope to continue to improve the game and one day try to publish it online.


The Rhetorical Situation

"Ethos, Pathos, and Logos walk into a bar."



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